Malaga wines are as colorful as a chameleon!


In 2000,  I  came to Malaga,  during a search for a place to stay in Andalusia. Each time I arrived and departed at the same airport because of my international work as a corporate communication advisor and media trainer.

At that time Malaga was not at all popular but the 'ugly duckling' between cities such as Seville, Granada and Cordoba. Yet Malaga slowly conquered my heart. A delightful Spanish oasis located by the sea, with arguably the most bars and restaurants per capita in the world. An introduction to the wines from the province was inevitable!

It turned out to be a fascinating wine tour that has not yet found its final destination. The wines from Andalusia in general and from Malaga in particular have an unprecedented colorful diversity and are of increasingly better quality. They grow, as it were, with the development of Malaga as a tourist destination of international allure. Traditional and ultra-modern wines, which, however, still deserve more attention than they have received so far. It has always been my passion to put these wines in the spotlight, enjoy them and share as much knowledge as possible with others.

In 2012 I opened my wine bar and tasting room Cataa in the center of Malaga. Wines from the region played the leading role on the wine list and during the many wine tastings. For the readers of Kosta Magazine (for many years the Dutch-language magazine on the Costa del Sol) I had the pleasure of writing about wine from Malaga. From these inspiring pioneering years, Malaga Wine Tours and Malaga Wine Guide was born.

My mission is simple; let as many people as possible get acquainted with the wines from Malaga so that they can fully enjoy them. My philosophy fits in seamlessly with that. Wine is especially not meant to be talked about endlessly, drinking it should above all be a relaxed activity that everyone in his or her own personal way experiences as fun. 

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