15. Jun, 2022

The five best wine bars in Malaga

The best wine bars in Malaga

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With the rise of the city of Malaga as a popular tourist destination, the number of good wine bars has also increased rapidly. It goes without saying that Malaga has a long wine tradition, but not so long ago the well-known Casa Antiqua de Guardia and El Pimpi were the only places that could be labeled as such (they will therefore not be discussed in this article). The wine that you could order in most restaurants and bars was mainly mediocre Rioja or Ribera del Duero. The cheap sweet wines from the region were sold 'a granel' (in plastic barrels) by the bodegas to the catering industry. At a good wine bar, the quality and variety of the wine collection is central. The food, even if it is often of an excellent standard, comes second. You can sit at the bar for a good glass of wine with or without a tapa. Without the hassle of an entire meal in a restaurant. Malaga has become a real wine city with a very diverse and excellent quality range of wine bars. The Malaga Wine Guide has five favorites.

Vinoteca Bouquet

Opinions are divided about the architectural value of the new wide pedestrian promenade on the busy Alameda, but the initiators of Vinoteca Bouquet dared to open their small intimate wine bar there during the chaos of the metro construction. Successfully. They now also have a large terrace. All wines can also be taken along. In addition to the wines from all corners of Spain, some wines from Cadiz stand out. Do try the Forlong wines. A nice and important detail are the large wine glasses made of very fine glass, which increase the drinking pleasure. It illustrates the passion and knowledge that one has for a beautiful wine experience. The kitchen offers a small but beautiful range of gastrobar quality. But everyone is also welcome for just a glass of wine.

Vinoteca Bouquet, Alameda Principal 24

Anyway Winebar

Anyway Winebar, from the young enthusiastic entrepreneur David Camino, is located right opposite the Plaza de Toros. David was previously responsible for slicing the 'jamon iberico' in Los Patios de Beatas, Malaga's largest and most prestigious vinoteca. Together with his father, he has created a young, fresh wine bar with an eye for detail, a mix of modern and rustic. The recycling of old materials was central to the use of old wood from a burnt down 'chiringuito' (beach resturant). His love for natural wines is also part of this philosophy, with as little interference as possible in the natural process of winemaking. Try the white Tragolargo 2018, a true flavor explosion. David is also a connoisseur and lover of Jerez wines and has wines from several lesser known but very interesting bodegas. He often has a surprise from the international wine world on the menu. The kitchen is young and modern. The quality and the way in which the 'jamon iberico' is presented in Anyway Winebar is a must see and taste in Malaga, as can be expected from an excellent 'cortador' (slicer of iberico ham).

Anyway Winebar, Paseo de Reding 15 (opposite the Plaza de Toros)

Los Patios de Beatas

Los Patios de Beatas is Malaga's most prestigious vinoteca tucked away in the small street of Calle de Beatas that you would walk past. Upon entering you will find the bar area and the extensive wine collection on the shelves. The restaurant is located in the patio area. On the first floors there are various rooms for wine tastings and other events. Los Patios has an extensive national and international wine list and the largest selection in Malaga of quality wines that can be ordered by the glass. Famous Spanish wines such as Vega Sicilia (Ribera del Duero) and Clos Mogador (Priorat) are on the wine list. The wines from the province are also amply represented. Sommeliers provide solid wine advice. All wines can also be taken. If you are looking for an exclusive wine moment, Los Patios de Beatas should not be missing on the list.

Los Patios de Beatas, Calle Beatas 43


Upon entering you will find Araboka more of a restaurant than a wine bar, but at the small bar or outside on the terrace you are more than welcome for a good glass of wine. Araboka should not be unmentioned, if only because for many years the owner was the greatest advocate of the emerging red and white unfortified wines from the area, when these were still unknown and therefore unloved. Araboka is a restaurant that is all about wine (besides good food) and has a huge collection of national and international wines. There is always a novelty or oddity in the offer if you ask for it. Interesting wine tastings are held regularly. For many wine lovers from Malaga, Araboka is currently the place to be.

Araboka, Calle Pedro de Toledo 4

La Medusa

La Medusa is not a traditional wine bar but fully specialized in sparkling wines such as champagne and the Spanish variant cava. An impressive card with sparkling wines by the glass offers plenty of choice. In addition, a wider collection can of course be ordered per bottle. La Medusa is also known for its excellent range of various oysters and caviar (including from Riofrio). It is therefore the perfect stop on a wine and tapas tour for an aperitif or dessert with a glass of sparkling wine.

For example, try the Recaredo Brut Nature Gran Reserva from bodega Recaredo (to be ordered by the glass) made from 100% biodynamically grown grapes. Recaredo is one of the best cava producers and makes extremely elegant wines that can withstand comparison with many champagnes. From the region, Tartratos from the Dimobe bodega is the first champagne-made sparkling wine, well worth a look. This wine is made from Moscatel de Alejandria grapes. The wine should not be called cava because that name is protected by the producers from Catalonia but it is produced in a similar way.

La Medusa Calle Santa Maria 25

A few more tips to enjoy a good glass of wine (and good tapas) in the city of Malaga;

El Templo de Vino; This is actually a wine shop, but you can also open any bottle from the collection and consume it there. No extra costs, no corkage is charged. El Templo de Vino also often has one of the most beautiful Spanish cheeses in house: Torta de Casar.

El Carpintero, Casa de Manzanilla; for the excellent manzanilla by the glass (and the delicious croquettes).

Ocho El Club de Vino: For amongst others wines from Granada, beautiful Argentinian meat and the very best morcilla in Malaga.

El Tinglao de Lagunillas; Small charming bar just outside the center behind the Plaza de la Merced with a small collection of good wines to take away or to consume there for only four Euro corkage on top of the take-away price. Delicious with cheeses or ´embutidos´ (chorizo, salchichon etc) or the specialty of the bar, the various ´ceviches´.